Meet the blogHER

About the blog., a lifestyle and wellness blog founded by Janáy J., is a platform to share her journey through life through a boisterous, limitless, bold, free and holistic journey in order to help lead and connect with others to discover their ability to confidently live loud. 

About the blogHER.

      Janáy J., also known as YayorNayyy in the world of social media, is a bottomless brunch junkie, black yogi, Rihanna lovin’, fearless, Twenty-something, Baltimore, Maryland native that simply enjoys living out loud.  In 2013, Janáy proudly received her B.A. in Psychology from a small liberal arts college, St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  Post graduation, Janáy’s plans were to move to NYC with hopes of obtaining a master’s degree in mental health counseling.  In spite of her plans taking a last minute turn, she held on to faith and made the blinded move.  Three years of living in the ‘city of dreams’ has offered her the best years of her life as she humbly says “Baltimore raised me, New York made me!” 

    Prior to returning to Baltimore, Janáy completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification and has proudly become a black yogi.  The DMV is on the up-rise and she believes now is the perfect time to come in and launch a business centered around self-care and mental health. Ultimately, she would like to open her own studio, but for now is holding classes out of rental spaces, yoga studios, and gyms, as well as, offering private and group classes upon request. Her best advice for those who are pursuing their dreams is to first believe in yourself. If you have no one else, along with people who don’t understand your vision/dreams as clearly as you, at the end of the day you have you. Motivate yourself, stay true to who you are, trust your journey and always move with confidence!