Chapter XXVI: Twenty-Six Life Lessons Learned

  The saying is so cliché, but it’s true that so much can happen or change within one year.  This time last year I was highly resistant about turning 25.  It was the ultimate sneak attack of reality.  I had already gone through so much socially and emotionally in my private life and the next thing I had to prepare for was facing my quarter life milestone.  Talk about a crisis.  Of course, time moves forward and certainly waits for no man, yet I’m here today – another year older.  Today, I begin the next chapter of my life, Chapter XXVI.  I can confidently say that this time I am ready to embrace this new age because I believe that this is the start of the (adult) path I will intentionally create for myself and my future. What I did not know was that my Chapter XXV would be a year full of elevation, personal accountability, trials, adventure, disappointment, enlightenment, self-discovery and exploration.  All these things and more have promised me light on conquering the remaining defining years of my 20’s.  For that I am grateful and happy to share twenty-six life lessons I learned this past year.                    

Twenty-Six Life Lessons Learned

***These aren’t written in a specific order, except for #1 because he lit!

  1. Put God first in everything that you do.
  2. Stay in your lane.
  3. Always move with and in confidence.
  4. Protect your space.
  5. Peace is obtainable. Value it. Protect it.
  6. Train your mind to do achievable things.
  7. Ask and you shall receive.
  8. I am enough and worthy.
  9. Letting go or walking away is not always as hard it seems.
  10. My melanin pops severely!
  11. Self-love is a major key to navigating through your life.
  12. Become intentional with daily practices.
  13. Live life true to you and live it unapologetically.
  14. Your feelings are always valid.
  15. Learn to forgive yourself, rather than waiting to be forgiven.
  16.  Be strong and resilient. 
  17. Honor yourself – mind, body, and soul.
  18. Challenge yourself to try something new. Be open to expanding your experiences and knowledge.
  19. Some expired relationships require you to move on and to get over it.
  20. Never become attached to your “process”.
  21. Music does the soul and body good.
  22. Surround yourself with like-minded people.
  23. Feel, heal, and move on.
  24. Be shamelessly awkward.
  25. Do all things with love.
  26. Breathe. Stretch. Journal. Meditate.

What ever chapter you are in your life, I hope the life lessons I’ve shared may be a resource for your journey through life.  Comment below some of your life lessons you’ve learned over the year!



2 Replies to “Chapter XXVI: Twenty-Six Life Lessons Learned

  1. I remember this time in life. In my twenties, I was inwardly focused trying to solidify my identity (although I did not think of it that way at the time). Like you, i had lots of peaks and valleys. Over the intervening thirty years as my sense of self got stronger my focus shifted to how I can be of service to others. As Maya Angelou said, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now!” Happy Birthday and happy travels!

    1. Thank you, Auntie Marjorie! Yes, It’s almost like I just “woke up.” Things are starting to become clear and make sense. Maya is a fellow Aquarian and I couldn’t agree with her more!

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